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Countable and Uncountable Noun

Countable Noun adalah kata benda yang dapat dihitung.

Countable Noun bisa menggunakan form Singular dan Plural Noun

Kind of fruits :                                         Benda – benda :

an apple                                                    – ant

a banana                                                   – books

a cherry                                                    – chair

a durian                                                    – desk

Uncountable Noun adalah kata benda yang tidak dapat dihitung.

Contoh : air, bread, water, oil, sugar, milk

Akan tetapi ada beberapa benda yang bisa termasuk Countable dan Uncountable Noun

Contoh :

How many times that I have told you to do it?

I don’t have times to wait.


Siena has beautiful hair.

There is one hair in my soup.


This room is too dark, there is no light here

I have two light in the drawer


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