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Penggunaan Kata One atau Ones

One/Ones digunakan untuk menghindari pengulangan a countable noun, akan tetapi khusus dalam pidato atau tulisan tidak bisa digunakan.

1. Setelah a possessive (my, your, Eya’s, dll) some, any, both, or numbers, kecuali digunakan dengan kata sifat (adjective)

*We would like to exchange our home with that of a British family.
*With a British family’s one

*My cheap camera takes better pictures than his expensive one.

*Did you get any postcards? Yes, I bought four / four nice one.

I bought four ones

2. One bisa ditiadakan atau dihapus setelah superlatives, this, that, these, those, either, neither, another, which, etc.

*Here are the design. Which (one) do you prefer? I think that (one) looks the most original.

3. These ones and those ones tidak digunakan dalam American English (AmE) dan biasa digunakan dalam BrE.

*Do you prefer these design or those?

4. One/Ones tidak digunakan untuk menggantikan uncountable nouns dan  tidak biasanya digunakan dengan abstract countable nouns.

*The Scottish legal system is not the same as the English system, is better than … as the English one.

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