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Arti Kata “Take”

Take /teik/  : verb

1. Carry / Lead [Membawa]

*to carry or move something from one place to another

I forgot to take my bag with me when I got off the bus.


2. Reach and Hold [Memegang]

* to put your hand or arm around somebody/something and hold them/it.

She took the child in her arms and kissed him


3. Remove [Memindahkan]

* to remove something/somebody from a place or a person

Will you take your books of the table?


4. Capture [Menangkap / Mengatur]

* to capture a place or person, to get control of something.

The rebels succeded in taking the town.


5. Choose / Buy [Membeli]

* to choose, buy or rent something

We took a room at the hotel for two nights.


6. Eat / Drink [Makan / Minum]

* to eat or drink something

Do you take sugar in your coffee?


7. Write Down [Mencatat]

*to find out and record something

The police officer took my name and address.


Sumber : Oxford Dictionary

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