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Menceritakan Tentang Pekerjaan

Artikel ini di ambil dari “900 English Conversation – Ivenie Dewintaris S.” menceritakan tentang pekerjaan dan karier, semoga bisa menambah wawasan kalian.

Selamat membaca ^.^

Sometimes we say that someone we know is “a square peg in a round hole”. This simply means that the person we are talking about is not suited for the job he is doing. He maybe a book keeper who really wants to be an actor or a mechanic who likes cooking. Unfortunately many people in the world are square pegs, they are not doing the kind of work they should be doing for one reason or another. As a result they probably are not doing a very good job and certainly they are not happy.

Choosing the right career is very important. Most of us spend a great part of our lives at our jobs. For that reason we should try to find out what our talents are and how we can use them. We can do this through aptitude test, interviews with specialist, and study of books in field of interest.

There are many careers open to each of us. Perhaps we like science. Then we right prepare ourselves to be chemist, physicist or biologist. Maybe our interest take us into the business world and such work accounting, personel management or public relations.

Many person find their place in government service, teaching, newspaper work, medicine, engineering-these many other offer fascinating careers to persons with talent and training.

Well, before you do something it’s good to knowing your interest of. Do not choose wrong career that you will regret of it.


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