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Perbedaan Kata “Live”

Perbedaan kata Live

Live /’liv/ verb

*in a place [v+adv/prep]  to have your home in particular place

Sebuah tempat tinggal (home/rumah)

“Where do you live? We used to live in London”

*be alive [v] to remain alive

Tetap hidup, hidup

“The doctor said he only had six months to live”

*to be alive [v] especially at a particular time

Hidup, khususnya dalam waktu tertentu.

“He is the greatest player who ever lived.”

*type of live [v] to spend your life in a particular way

Gaya hidup, cara seseorang menjalani hidup

“He lived in poverty most of his life.”

*be remembered [v] to continue to exist or remembered

Diingat, untuk tetap ada atau diingat.

“This moment will live in our memory for many years to come.”

Live /laiv/ adj. adv biasanya digunakan sebelum Noun (kata benda)

*Not dead (hidup)

“We saw a real live rattlesnake.”

*Not recorded (secara langsung)

1. of a broadcast (siaran langsung)

“This is our live report from Jakarta.”

2. of a performance (sebuah pertunjukan secara langsung)

“The band has live music all night”

Sumber : Oxford Dictionary

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