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The magical of friendship

Guys… Did you know that having a lots of friends can bring you a miracle? No? Are you sure?

Hmm.. well, I did know it.. just now hehe.

It is true, a friends is what we need for right now beside a family of course ^^. Having a friend even only one friend can bring you a great happiness, with friends we can share everything such as a joy and sadness. We can share our laughs together. We can share all our sadness, and we can share a story that we can’t tell it to our parents. Believe me, it will have different reactions from both sides. True friends are  always be there for us no matter with our conditions, they will give the best advice even it hurts us so much. It is totally different with fake friends, they will always be there only when they want to, so be careful with this fake friend. They can sneak behind us. I’m not trying to make you scared or something, just beware ok 🙂

So, how many friends do you have? I do have a lot of friends, but I only have a few best friends. it’s hard to find unique fellows like them, I am really blessed having such a great friend like them. Ones of my great friends are here, actually not only one but five. Honestly I don’t really like having a lot of friends, because I am easy to forget something, I’m afraid that I can’t remember all of them 😀 (short memory).. Hey don’t even try to think that I am older than your grandma!

Let me tell you one of magical things in friendship (this is my secret, don’t tell anybody about this), friendship can make me look younger and we can create money from it…. it’s true 😉 hehe.

So, try to find your real best friends from now on.  A friend who can bring you up in positive ways. I will tell you about my best friends from five cities in the other story.

Stay away from drugs guys… Fighting!!

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