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Best Friends’ Stories Part 1: How We Met and Created This Site

Did you still remember the article that discussed about the magical of friendship?.. No? Mmm, You should read that before you read this story because it has relation with this. But you still can read this story, I hope it can inspire you.

This is how it all started…..

As far as I remember it was starting 2 years ago when we met in ones of English learning sites, there were awesome people with huge interests in English. Some of them were really experts and easy to get along with other members especially for old members. Speaking of old members, I would like to tell about him in this story. But I have a problem with my memory, I am easy to forget something hehehe (grin).

So before that, I want to tell how I found four interested people on the English site and they became my best friends: one man and three women. I’ve met with the girls, they are really amazed me, very beautiful, talented, smart and always cheer me up. I am happy to have them as my best friends even though we don’t meet every day. I still can’t believe that we can be best friends in real life and make something worth with this site. What about him? Honestly, I’ve never been meet in real life with him, just communicate through email and phone everyday.

Well, let’s continue with the man. As you know that when we chatted in room chat, we could see so many members chatting at the same time, as a new member I only could focus to their chats and learned how to join with them and what the subject they were charting about. It was not easy for me because I thought English knowledge was lacking, but I tried to join and introduced my self. I was surprised with the fact that there’s a lot of members from Indonesia and he was one of them.

This man was a shy guy, he was one of those old members and had a decent English knowledge. We chatted  about everything as well as with the ladies. And somehow we get along by the time goes. We have the same spirit, same thought and same interests about learning English. It was his idea to make Inggrisku.net, he has a wonderful brain and is my inspiration to start writing. We were so excited about this, especially because we wanted to try something different, where everyone could share of his or her ideas and succeeded, so why couldn’t we?

So, here we are… running this site. It’s because of him…let’s say that he is the brain. We are the soul and you are the body. Without you we can’t  live. Anyway the site goes well, we even celebrated our 1st anniversary last month. Thanks to you guys, I hope you can always visit our site often, and get something useful here.

Keep reading guys… see you in the next story ^^

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