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Reading Practice : Favorite Job

Hello guys, long time no see you ^^. It’s been a while I didn’t write something. It because I’m too lazy to come over hehe. Well, I can’t close my eyes tonight so I think it will be great if I tell you a little bit stories of my recent job.

My major was Information Management, as you know that I studied about basic management and computer but mostly about computer programs such as Visual Basic, C++, Java, Pascal, binary code, and many more. I am sure you don’t want to know the others :).

After graduated I worked at ones of big shoes companies but not as a programmer, at that time they needed a  staff for marketing division and I also learned about marketing at college and I thought that you never get a chance twice so I took it. That’s my first experience. But I only hang over around 1 year, the activity was too boring in my point of view.

I tried to apply some vacations in other companies and got a shot at same division in insurance company. But I gave up quickly, I didn’t think this was my path. I didn’t like working under pressure and highly targeting at that time so I started to apply job with my basic knowledge as a programmer over and over but never succeeded :D. I’ve noticed that I should leave my ambition as a programmer and keep to move on finding new jobs.

And here I am…

You only need have 3 important basic skills for this work : 1. computer, because you will communicate with others through emails and make document, 2. English both writing and speaking, you don’t have to be good in both at least you know and understand English well. This point really have a big influence to decide your salary, believe me ;). and the last one is 3. Responsible, yep. You should have high responsibility in your work. This will keep you in a save zone.

Do you want to know what my work is? As a merchandiser or purchaser, maybe for mostly people this work not really interesting but for me it is. There are so many knowledge we can learn here. I knew that it was going to be the right place for me, I felt a shiver of excitement run down my spine.

I love English so much and in this job I can using my computer ability as well. The main task of a merchandiser is to buy raw materials from local vendors and overseas and also you have to bargain the prices before you buy them. Communication is really important because we do not see each other directly. We communicate by phone and email. The main things you should concern are about quality and quantity. I have mentioned before about being responsible, you must check your job every single day and push vendor to shipment the goods we buy on time, it is quite easy. I meet new cases everyday, that’s why I love this job so much, it will not make you bored and you can explore your ability and share your thought if you think that’s the best solution.

Learning by doing, I have been working almost 7 years in this field and I have good salary, good position and sometimes I attended meeting with buyers or local vendors out of factory, I’m waiting for my boss to send me on board meeting with overseas vendors :D. If you have an experience you can negotiate your salary as well :). That is my favorite job, and what yours??

The point is do what you love and love what you do, never give up, keep positive thinking!! Caio ^^


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