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Penggunaan ‘most/most of’ dan ‘lots of/a lot of’

Dalam artikel ini, kita akan belajar penggunaan kata most, most of, lots of  and a lof of dalam Bahasa Inggris.


Most berarti hampir semua. Rumusnya: Most + plural/uncountable noun

Contoh :

Most people would like to have a house with a garden.

Most of

Most of berarti hampir semua dari sesuatu. Rumusnya: Most + singural/countable noun

Contoh :

She’s cleaned most of the house.


Lots of dan a lot of

Lots of dan a lot of sama artinya dengan a large number atau a large amount.

Contoh :

There are lots of new files in this folder.

He has put a lot of time into this essay.

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