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Perbedaan Kata Look, See & Watch

Ada banyak kosakata yang mempunyai arti yang sama tapi berbeda dalam penggunaanya, seperti berikut :

* Look /lʋk/ to turn your eyes in particular direction. [Melihat dengan menengok]

– She looked at me and smile

– I will look and see

– Don’t look now, but there’s someone looking at you


* See /si:/ (not use in the progessive tenses) to become aware of sb/st by using your eyes. [Melihat dengan memperhatikan terhadap seseorang atau sesuatu]

– She looked for him but she couldn’t see him in the crowd.

– He could see (that) she had been crying

– Did you see what happened?


* Watch /wɒtʃ/ to look at sb/st for a time, paying attention to what happened. [Melihat dengan penuh perhatian kepada seseorang atau sesuatu, memperhatikan tentang hal yang akan terjadi]

– He watched the house for signs of activity.

– Would you like to play? No, thanks – i will just watch

– We watched to see what would happen next.

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